The Country Kitchen

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White tile for a kitchen back splash.


Who doesn’t love fresh baked bread! This country kitchen uses the idea that white can be more than modern and chic, it can also convey warmth with a hint of french gourmet!











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Distressed kitchen cabinets in cream.


We should never forget that the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home. Choosing windows that complement the kitchen, and allow as much light in is possible, helps create an open feel and add even more charm.











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Whitewashed wooden walls.


One topic that comes to mind when we the of kitchens is durability. Flooring in the kitchen is definitely an area that sees some where and tear! Today’s new laminate hardwood floors come in durable styles that can be sanded and refinished – and there dozens of colors and “grains” to choose from.









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Brick and wood beam kitchen.


If you’ve always wanted that wood beam look in your kitchen, it can easily be emulated by using a combination of inch thick pieces of lumber to build a “box” that can give you the same look and feel.










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