Aging In Place

The bar faucet.

In 2010, it was estimated that the average cost of assisted living was $3477 per month. That is $41,724 per year.


How many folks, if they could turn back the hands of time, would have used that same amount amount of money (or less) to make the necessary changes to their home that would have allowed them more time there.

For most of us, someone else designed our home, and in many cases, our homes are many years older than ourselves! But, we can update our homes as we look to the future.

That is why the concept of Aging In Place has become a vital topic in the construction industry.


FIRST PICTURE 300x201 Aging In Place

Grab bars strategically place make falls much less likely.

We all realize that as we age, or disabilities become an issue, home is where we would rather be.

The smallest of changes, from non-skid flooring to additional lighting, lever handles on doors and faucets, and grab bars can be so important.

We plan for our older years financially, but often overlook the value of preparing our homes.

Even the cost of a home health companion to come in and help us cook and clean can be very costly. And in most cases, these are things that we would prefer to do for ourselves as long as we are able.

Here is a list of changes that Tadan Construction encourages homeowners to consider:


Aging in Place Kitchen microwave drawer 300x224 Aging In Place

Pull out microwaves and dishwashers are examples of innovative kitchen design.

1. As we age, our ability to do the little things becomes a bit more difficult. Placing electrical outlets  at higher levels becomes something we appreciate.

2. Raised washers and dryers that load in the front can be a necessity if we find ourselves with limited mobility.

3. Consider making entrances and thresh holds level and when thinking about revamping entrances, it is a good time to consider making changes to landscaping that are low maintenance.

4. Although it may seem a bit drastic now, having a fully livable first floor means that stairs will not be an issue down the road and that upper level bedrooms will be available for others to use.

“According to surveys, aging in place is the overwhelming preference of Americans over 50.”


feature photo1 300x224 Aging In Place

The walk in shower and open sink make this bathroom highly accessible.

5. The kitchen is one of the areas where some of the best design changes have been seen in recent years. Stoves and sinks can be placed on open counter tops allowing for an open space beneath. Both dishwashers and microwaves come in pull out drawer styles making them easily accessible.

6. At one time, accessible bathrooms meant raised toilets and grab bars, but things have come a long way! Bathrooms have also seen major changes in design concepts. Walk in bath tubs, open showers and sinks without lower cabinets bring together practical and attractive changes that we can make.

¬†Unfortunately, we can’t make aging go away, but we would love to discuss with you some of our ideas for making it easier.

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